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Compost Test Update

Houston, we have germination!

It only took a week for these bush bean seeds to pop up, so far so good.  If the compost doesn’t burn up the roots, I should have quite a bit of green beans coming.  I chose beans to test the bed because Damon from Greenhorn Gardening recommended that you should start new beds with beans or another legume in his podcast. The seeds were inoculated before planting.  Also on another podcast I listen to, Jack at The Survival Podcast, suggests them to test to see if there are any herbicides in the compost because beans seem to be more susceptible to them. We shall see.

The compost mix has quite a bit of wood chips in it, almost makes it look like mulch,  especially after a few waterings. I will mulch this bed with either straw or grass clippings when the plants get bigger.  The other beds are already mulched with shredded leaves.

I am really enjoying gardening, for me it’s just one of the things in life that feels right.  I am growing part of what my family needs for food and I like that.  There’s plans for adding laying hens, rabbits and maybe fish to the backyard food cycle.  I will try to use some permaculture principles and experiment. Of course I want to do it all at once, but I know I should keep a manageable number of projects going while I am learning new stuff.

Thank God for podcasts, I have learned a lot about numerous topics while doing other tasks.  Don’t tell my boss.

Thanks and God Bless.

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