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The Self Sufficient in the Suburbs Blog

Hello, my name is Phil.  I am starting this adventure to learn how to provide for my family’s needs with very few resources.  The scope of projects that we will tackle will be broad and focus on saving money and being as self-sufficient as possible.

Just three generations ago our country’s families provided for themselves in almost every way. They needed and craved community, but weren’t reliant on complete strangers for everyday NEEDS like food, water, shelter and security. My goal is to convert my home on a postage stamp lot into a homestead that provides for my needs rather than just another bill that I have to go to work to pay for.

I will mess it up but it will be exciting and educational.

All of this will take place on a small suburban lot south of Houston, TX.

Now I understand some people believe that it is impossible to be 100% self-sufficient, maybe so.  My goal is to see how much can be achieved living in town.

God bless.


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