Compost Delivery

For my birthday my brother-in-law had four yards of organic compost delivered from The Soil Supermarket.  He took particular delight in knowing he was getting me a giant pile of poop.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that there was very little manure in the mix.  It was a very thoughtful and timely gift.

The compost, as delivered, seemed to be hot.  So I used some to top dress my beds and made one bed using mostly this compost.  In that bed I have bush bean seeds planted to see if they will germinate.  I figure that I’ll either have a whole mess of beans or a bed ready to go for broccoli and leaf lettuce come fall.

By the way, whoever invented the two wheeled wheel barrow is a stinking genius.  Much more stable, only slightly less nimble.  This one is my brother-in-laws, he’ll probably want it back. Dang-it.

Thank you and God Bless.



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3 responses to “Compost Delivery

  1. What an awesome brother-in-law!

  2. We got our delivery a few weeks ago as well! Love seeing that huge mound sitting in my driveway, too!

  3. Tell your brother-in-law that he missed my birthday, and I’m really sad. 😛 Awesome score! It will go a long way to helping out all that clay. Here in Missouri, we’ve nothing but clay and rocks in most of the state—sometimes I’m not sure which we have more of. Between that and the crazy summer heat (especially in the city), it takes a lot of work to get a garden ready and then to keep it growing. Good luck!

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